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You have two texting tools to choose from:

#1: Personal Tool

In this tool, the person using the tool only inserts his message and hits the 'send' button. This way, the message can only be sent to you, and your number is hidden from the public. Use our special customization page to set up the tool. Put in your number, pre-defined message text, submit button text, and your service provider, and you're good to go! This is great for both personal sites (let friends text you without giving away your number) and business (give your customers the opportunity to get customer support using your cell phone, but without telling them your number)! Click here to get started!

#2: Public Tool

In this tool, the person using the tool can send a text message to anyone. He inserts the cell number he wants to send the message to, his message, chooses the recipient's service provider, and hits the 'send' button. This is great for any site in general; give your site a more sophisticated look and give people more reason to keep returning to your site. What could anyone want more than to send free text message? Click here to get the code!