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Enable your customers, site visitors, MySpace friends, and others to send ANYONE text messages! The small banner's background is transparent, which means that its background will fit in perfectly with your site background. The tool is very easy to use; it only has three required fields: the cell number you want to send the message to, your message, and your recipient's cellphone service provider. The form is great, as it will make your website look nicer and more professional. The background and style of the form will match your website's. Don't forget that while this tool is absolutely free, receiving messages on some cellphones can cost money (usually no more than 10 cents)!

Please note: Changing any part of the given code might cause the tool to malfunction.

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Just click on the text box once to highlight all the text. Then, press CTRL + C or right click and select "Copy" to copy all the code. Now, when you're on the page where you can edit your website, blog, MySpace profile, etc, press CTRL + V or right click and select "Paste" to insert the code into your page. Try playing around with the positions of this code to find the best spot on your site!

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