ControlScan Certifies As A Safe Texting Site

As a measure to increase privacy and security and in an effort to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information, we have subscribed to ControlScan's security certification program. ControlScan conducts security tests and audits and certifies this site's security.

Internet Security By ControlScan Internet Security By ControlScan

The following are a breakdown of the ControlScan certifications and what they mean to you as a consumer:

ID Theft Protected Certification

ControlScan's ID Theft Protected Certification means that the certified site is:

Privacy Protected Certification

ControlScan's Privacy Certification means that the certified site's privacy policy:

About ControlScan

ControlScan provides third party verification and services to identify, measure and prioritize security, privacy, quality, accessibility and compliance risks that exist on corporate Web properties. ControlScan solutions provide the vulnerability scan, visibility and control necessary to evaluate a company's Web property risk exposure, and to put processes and procedures in place to effectively implement online governance strategies. ControlScan also offers Extended Validation SSL Certificates. ( EV SSL)

Extended Validation SSL certificates (also referred to as EV SSL certificates) are the next generation of SSL certificate. These high assurance EV SSL certificates provide a highly recognizable, very visible way to prove that sites have been verified as an authenticated EVSSL certified business. For more information on Extended Validation SSL please read the EV SSL FAQs.

ControlScan is certified by the Payment Card Industry as an authorized PCI Compliance scan vendor. For more information on the payment card industry PCI Compliance standards please visit the PCI Compliance